Sponsorship and support

 Coventry Gang Show is made up of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network members and Leaders from across the city.

The current gang is over 200 people strong, with 105 of these appearing on the stage with ages ranging from 6 years old to 60 plus.

Coventry Gang Show gives young people the opportunity to get involved in a semi-professional production, which includes, singing, dancing and acting as well as in insight into choreography, scene production, costume design, stage setting, sound and lighting.

The show is performed on the main stage of the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry.

This year the show runs from Wednesday 28th March until Saturday 31st March with 5 performances, one each evening and a matinee performance on the Saturday afternoon.

Everyone involved is a volunteer within Scouting and gives up their time freely.

Unfortunately, though there are some costs that cannot be avoided, we do try to keep our ticket prices low so that the show can be watched by all.

We are very much self-funding, and have to raise money in a variety of ways, such as prize draw, bucket shakes, bag packs, race nights, discos etc. We are looking for individuals and companies to support our show in a variety of ways, listed below are some of the areas where we can be supported.

Steel Decking

We are looking to purchase some steel decking, and have found some previously used items which suit our needs.

The cost of which is £2,000 plus collection £100


Each year we hire in a number of moving lights in order to enhance the effects that appear on the stage.

A weeks hire is approximately £600


Due to the number of people within our cast, there are not enough dressing rooms at the theatre to accommodate us all, so we have to hire in portacabins to give us the additional space. Last year we were lucky to have the portacabins provided to us by Vinci Construction due to them building the new development at Bishops street.

So far this year we are yet to secure a sponsor or a provider.

For us to hire will be around £800


Throughout the year we are always on the need to move our scenery, costumes and props around. We are grateful to both JAG Distribution from Nuneaton, and In Transit from Coventry who do support us very well particularly the week of the show. But we are aware you can make too much use of a good thing, and would like to find others who can support us in this way, with the loan of a van or small lorry, a couple of times throughout the year.

Printing (posters, flyers and scripts) and promotion

 So that we can promote the show as widely as we possibly can we are on the lookout for someone or a number of organisations to sponsor the printing of our posters, flyers as well as the creation of our advertising banners.

 Historically this has cost us around £500

 Another outlay is the printing of forms, scripts and newsletters, although we do have a photocopier of our own it is starting to become unreliable at not cost effective to run.

 If you can assist us with this need, we would be extremely grateful.


 Our programme is put together by a close friend of the show who offers his time freely.

 Over time we have looked for, and found a very reliable print source.


 If you own or know of a business or organisation that would like to place and advert within our programme we would like to hear from them. We have a variety of advertisement packages which not only would it be seen by members of our audience we would recognise the support on our website and social media channels.

 Scene sponsorship 

If an advert is not the way that you would like to go, how about sponsoring a scene in the show?

 Acknowledgement would be made within the programme.

 Prize draws and raffles 

We are always on the lookout for prizes and gifts that we can include in our prize draw and raffles. Experience vouchers, Gift cards, Vouchers, Bottles as well as a host of other things that can be donated and we would gladly receive.

 Acknowledgement would be made appropriately.


If any of the above is of interest to you please speak to one of the production team,

 or call:

 Andy Morris – 07896134770

 Clive Bennett - 07973214814