Key Dates/Events

Photo call, Sunday 21st February

Photo call for the show programme will take place on Sunday 21st February at the Satchwell centre.

Everyone should turn up with clean polished shoes and tidy hair.

All Beavers, Cubs and young Scouts should arrive in their uniform for 1.20pm prompt and will be needed for approximately half an hour, wearing :
• Your relevant existing uniform (Beaver, Cub or Scout)
• Smart Scout trousers if you have them, Black or Dark Blue smart trousers if you dont
• Smart polished dark shoes
• Dark coloured socks
• Group neckerchief

Main cast
· Full scout uniform
· Smart scout trousers (not combat style) or Navy/Dark Blue Trousers
· Smart polished shoes
· Dark coloured socks
· Group neckerchief if you have not been awarded the GS red scarf.

Back Stage, Front of house, Wardrobe, Security etc etc
Dress code is Black trousers, Black polo shirts (GS if you have one), Black shirt or blouse.

If you have been fortunate to have received your Gang Show neckerchief please wear it also.

Photos will take place at the following times and you should turn up 10 minutes before.

•1.30pm BCYS
•1.50pm Back stage, mikes, prompt and security.
•2.00pm Front of house, Tavern and business team
•2.10pm Wardrobe
•2.20pm Main cast
•2.45pm Music and production